What are the tenant’s obligations?

  • You and your party must take good care of the apartment and its contents and follow the code of conduct, instructions and regulations which apply. A good rule is to care for the staff foundation’s property as though it were your personal property.
  • You are responsible for any damage that occurs to the property and its contents, if you or someone in your party has been negligent.
  • You may not use the apartment for any purpose other than for recreational purposes and you may not allow more people than you indicated on your booking to stay overnight in the apartment.
  • You must clean the apartment thoroughly before departure, see cleaning instructions in the apartment.
  • Departure cleaning can be ordered in connection with the booking of the apartment. Cleaning can also be ordered at a later date (at least 3 days before departure), but can then only be carried out subject to available capacity.
  • For preordered cleaning, it is possible to use the RUT tax deduction (50% of labor cost) if the client meets the conditions for RUT, according to the Swedish Tax Office’s rules.
  • If you miss it, the cost of cleaning/supplementary cleaning will be invoiced to you. In this case, there is no RUT deduction.

The agreement ceases to apply with immediate effect:

  • If you or someone in your party causes a disturbance in the apartment or in the vicinity.
  • If you or someone in your party causes damage to the apartment or to the area.
  • If the apartment is used for a purpose other than its intended purpose.

If the agreement is terminated due to one of the reasons above, you and your party must immediately vacate the apartment and you will not be entitled to recover any part of the rental amount.

Force majeure

You and the Saab/Scania Jubileum Foundation have the right to withdraw from the rental agreement if the apartment cannot be made available due to labor disputes, long-term disruption to the water and/or power supply, fire or other similar major events which neither you nor we could foresee or prevent. In such cases, the Saab/Scania Jubileum Foundation is obliged to refund the rental amount, with a deduction for the benefit you might have had from the apartment.

Other issues

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